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New Leader, New Era: Drive Transformation and Employee Engagement in Your First 90 Days


Congratulations! You've landed the new leadership role. The energy is high, the team is eager to impress, and you're brimming with ideas to propel the organization forward. But amidst the initial whirlwind, it's crucial to identify and prioritize the areas that will have the biggest impact in your first 90 days. 

One often-overlooked culprit standing between you and the success you envisioned when accepting this role? A broken meeting culture. 

Think about it: How many meetings do you find yourself attending each week? Are they focused, engaging, and decision-driven? Or are they repetitive, time-consuming, and leave you feeling drained? 

Most importantly, a poor meeting culture will impede your ability to progress any other initiative in your strategic plans.  

As a new leader, you have a unique opportunity to spearhead positive change. Here's why tackling your meeting culture should be a top priority in your first 90 days: 

Signal Your Commitment to Efficiency: By addressing a universal pain point like unproductive meetings, you demonstrate your commitment to streamlining operations and maximizing team effectiveness. This sets the tone for a results-oriented culture. 

Quick Wins, Big Impact: Implementing a data-driven meeting management solution like Kairos can yield significant results fast. Reduced meeting time, increased focus, and improved decision-making translate to immediate wins you can showcase in your first quarter. 

Become a Change Champion: Championing a cultural shift around meetings fosters collaboration and open communication – essential ingredients for successful leadership. You'll be seen as a leader who tackles big issues head-on. 

Here's the good news: You don't have to become a meeting-time tyrant. Kairos offers a data-driven, scientific approach to transforming your meeting culture. 

Kairos goes beyond point solutions and productivity hacks. It provides the tools to: 

  1. Identify your unique meeting strengths and weaknesses through data analysis. 
  1. Upskill your meeting leaders with research-backed best practices. 
  1. Create a continuous feedback loop that reinforces positive changes. 

Imagine this: Engaged employees who come to meetings prepared, focused discussions that drive decisions, and a newfound sense of ownership over time management. That's the power of a transformed meeting culture. 

Don't let your first 90 days be filled with unproductive meetings.  Take action today. Visit Kairos to learn more about how our Meeting Management Software Solution can empower your teams and elevate your organization's success. 

Your leadership journey starts now. Make it a productive one.