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Powerful meeting platform PLUS training for your meeting leaders!

Improving an organization's meeting culture goes beyond simple software tools; it involves understanding your teams' issues and knowing how to effectively resolve them, permanently. 

Make Your Meetings Productive, Creative, and Engaging.  

Unlock the Secrets to Great Meetings. Get expert guidance from Meeting Mastery coaches to upskill your teams in our Learning Lab.

Revolutionize Team Dynamics. In-depth assessments pinpoint issues and track progress for individuals and teams.

Reinforce Cultural Change. Embed cultural norms directly into your Outlook workflow with our interactive prompts and reminders.

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Is Your Organization Experiencing Meeting Overload?

It's no one's fault! 75% of meeting leaders have never been trained! Inexperienced meeting leaders drain your organization of time, energy, and talent. 

We are here to help. Learn how Kairos is transforming the culture of meetings through research, training, and management tools.

How Do I Know Kairos Will Work for My Organization?

Our framework is based on 20 years of evidence gathered by the best known meeting researcher on the planet, Dr. Steven Rogelberg. It is embraced by some of the world's most prominent organizations. 


Read the Fast Company article about how Kairos enables meeting leaders and allows them to test and track new approaches based on data. Read Now


Kairos is featured in HBR's latest IdeaCast on Supercharging your One on One Meetings. Listen Now

Meet Kairos and Master Meetings.

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