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Make Your Meetings Hubs of Creativity and Innovation.

Currently Available for Microsoft Outlook. GSuite Coming Soon.
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Kairos Essentials:
for teams with frequent meetings.

Everything you need to measure and gather meeting data across teams including: 

  • Assessments: Meeting Culture Assessment, Post-Meeting Assessments, 1:1 Assessments 
  • Dashboards: Calendar Dashboard, Meeting Culture Dashboard, Meeting Experience Dashboard, 
  • Prompts: Long Meetings, Bloated Meetings, Meeting Costs

Kairos Mastery:
for meeting leaders.

Turn your meeting leaders into Meeting Masters with our five unit training program featuring videos from Dr. Rogelberg and coaching from experts trained in his approach. Includes all features from Kairos Essentials. 

  • Unit 1: The Role of the Leader in Changing Meeting Culture
  • Unit 2: Design Principles for Effective Meetings
  • Unit 3: Evidence Based Strategies for Leading Meetings
  • Unit 4: The Single Greatest Leadership Opportunity: The 1:1 Meeting
  • Unit 5: Achieving Meeting Mastery
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We recommend you start with a few teams that have been complaining about meetings or not having enough time to get work done.

If you are not sure where to start, our Kairos specialists can help you with a diagnostic that will show you where the greatest upside is in your organization.

Kairos is designed to reduce your organization's cost of unproductive meetings (as assessed by your staff) - which can be measured in hard dollars but also in employee satisfaction, engagement, and creativity. 

You may choose to deploy across your entire organization or just in a few teams. Our dashboards will clearly point you toward Kairos' impact on time and employee sentiment.

Kairos will train your managers in the science behind great meetings. We'll provide feedback loops and tools to ensure that they stay on track. 

But here’s the catch – it only clicks if your managers really want to make a change.

You'll see a real impact when a team eager to evolve gets their hands on Kairos -  that is the winning combination. 

Our Kairos specialists can help you understand your culture's readiness and how our product sets you up to ensure success.

“Professor Rogelberg delivered two outstanding leadership webinars as part of our company’s internal leadership development series, highlighting his latest research on meeting effectiveness. The programs saw the highest volume of participants (participation is voluntary) and he received outstanding ratings for both programs. Most important, Steve’s ideas continue to resonate with our leaders as they are continuing to apply his principles for more effective meetings.”   

Dr. Hank Jonas Manager Organization Effectiveness at Corning Incorporated

“Steven’s presentations bring science, practice, and the art of audience engagement all together in the same package.  As I served as a facilitator for large conferences for many years, in-person and virtual, Steven brings a refreshing combination of tremendous energy and insightful question-asking that provides audiences with ideas and actions to try new ways of working. Can't recommend him enough!”

David Dye Program Director, Conference Board

Let us help you design a solution with lasting impact.

Curious about how to roll Kairos out in your organization? Talk to one of our Kairos specialists today to get started on the path to happier employees with more time for deep work

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