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Our Mission, Team, and Culture
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Meetings Are Powerful.

Good meetings crackle with sparks of connection, collaboration, and creativity. Unproductive meetings drain the energy from the room creating frustration, and disconnection.

The simple truth is meetings are a bit of a mess - too many, too long, and not much fun (or very productive).

The science says that is because there are a few primary things missing - meaningful training on how to run effective and inclusive meetings and feedback loops to help meeting leaders continuously improve.

We're here to make sure that when your employees gather for a meeting, it's time well spent, enjoying good conversations and great collaboration.

Our Team

Dr. Steven Rogelberg is the world's leading expert in meeting science. He teaches, writes books and consults at places like Cisco, Google, Pfizer, and the UN. This work is important and has served to elevate and improve meeting culture,  but he wanted to scale it up - making it even more accessible by integrating technology to create lasting change. That is why he serves as Kairos' Chief Science Officer.  

Dr. Rogelberg works with our team of behavior change technologists to create the Kairos Research and Learning Lab to transform meeting culture in large organizations.

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Aldo Zanoni
Aldo Zanoni
Stephane Zanoni
Stephane Zanoni
Victoria George
VP of Product
Mijeong Kim
Product Manager
Development Team
The Kairos Development Team

Join us and let's do great things together!

Imagine the impact you can make as part of a team dedicated to improving the world by saving teams from bad meetings!
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